I like my work to speak for itself.  Basically I'm an introvert who is somewhat socially awkward. I'd rather watch people than engage with them.  I find what they wear or don't wear and how they hold their body and the expression on their face more interesting than any words coming out of their mouths.  Everyone has some spin.  Everyone is trying to fit in.  Jack Kerouac said, "A smile is just a mouthful of teeth".  I find the biggest misfits the most interesting.  It's the awkward troubled sides of people I try and paint.  This part, in all of us, is the most compelling on a personal level but also for society.  Society is a clumsy beast because we are all half screwed up.  I work expressionistically, quickly, messily and love mixed media.  I work with materials that are hard to manage. I like working with random occurrences. I work experimentally not conceptually.  My method is reductive and additive or as Louise Bourgeoise described,  "Do, undo, redo".